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Wow. The Happiness Habit is extremely relevant for these crazy, depressing times. I  recommend this book to anyone who fights depression, anxiety and insecurity. Anthony includes so many new techniques to battle these negative qualities that seem to lurk in most of us. I really enjoyed all of the links to other relevant, helpful information and the stories of the famous people including Lady Gaga who also suffer from depression. I highly recommend reading this extremely informative, useful book.
Erin Mullin
The Happiness Habit has so much helpful information. I learned so much about what I can do on a daily basis to be happy. I lost count of how many different ways there are to make myself FEEL GOOD. It’s all explained in the HH. Anthony has covered all the bases; every strategy is explored. If you are looking to overcome negative emotions and be HAPPY, read the HH. Read it and follow the morning ritual Anthony teaches; you will thank me later.
Richard Gebhard

Welcome to the Happiness Habit!

After many years of struggling with negative emotions (depression, suicidal thoughts, negativity) and experimenting with several systems, practices, habits, and rituals, I finally came up with a system that pretty much guarantees my personal happiness for the rest of my life. The secret is having a simple morning ritual that I follow every single morning. I call this extremely effective morning ritual the Happiness Habit (HH).

Here is the truth about being happy and excited every day of your life: feeling good is something that you have to PRACTICE every morning. In other words, you literally have to TRAIN yourself to be happy, just like an Olympic athlete.

Imagine the following; you are the best piano player in the world. And how did you get that way? You probably started out with some natural talent, but what really got you to the top and made you the best was practicing every single day. This principle is true in sports, business, martial arts, acting, teaching, sales, singing, etc. The way we get better at anything is by practicing; ideally every single day.

Now imagine that you miss a day of practice.
No big deal; it’s just a day. No one will notice.
However, YOU will notice it.

What if you miss TWO days of practice?
Well, you are no longer the best you can be and your critics (and those who have an ear for music)
will notice that you are slightly "off"; you are not performing at your absolute best.

What if you miss THREE days of practice?
Now your audience will notice.
If you continue this negative trend, you will stop being the best in the world.

This example is not based on pure speculation. The renowned Polish concert pianist Ignace Jan Paderewski
(1860-1941), told some reporters in 1936 the following:

“If I miss one day's practice, I notice it.
If I miss two days, the critics notice it.
If I miss three days, the audience notices it.”

Daily Training is the Secret to Happiness

The same idea applies to being happy. We literally have to train ourselves to be happy every day if we want to live a happy and fulfilled life. This is the FIRST and most important success in life. This is the most basic achievement. Happiness is the foundation of everything else. Every other success that we experience (family, social, business, financial, etc.) is an extension of this first success; being happy.

There are 3 foundational steps to being happy.

1-First we have to identify a daily practice that creates happiness. This practice must be SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE (it has to work) and fairly SHORT. It has to be short (done in 1 to 5 minutes) because if it takes too long, it will not be sustainable over the long term. This practice is the Happiness Habit. You do this every morning. It is part of your morning routine. NOTE: The Happiness Habit has nothing to do with meditation or visualization or breathing exercises. The parts of this ritual will be new for most people. You may know or even practiced some of the individual components of this ritual, but the timing (WHEN you do it) and the specific sequence that I teach is new and unique.

2-You also need to have an EXCITING Future. I don’t want to go too deep into this here, but…
please answer the following questions:
If your life was perfect in every way, how would it look like?
Where would you live?
What would you do for a living?
Explain your Perfect Day.
Explain what you would do in your Perfect Week.

In other words, you need a Compelling Future; something exciting and fun to look forward to in the future (3, 5,
or 10 years into the future). This compelling and exciting future is what will give you the motivation to practice the Happiness Habit every morning.

3-You need to make PROGRESS towards achieving this exciting future every day. This means that you have to do something (it can be small) every day that moves you closer to your ideal life. You do this for a simple reason:  “Progress equals Happiness”.

Those are the 3 basic building blocks of happiness. So basically (at least in the short term) being happy is the byproduct of having a very specific morning ritual. That is why I have a problem with those who view people who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts as people who are suffering from a (Mental Health) disease. Here is something to keep in mind:

If you are constantly experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts, you do NOT have
a mental disease. You are simply not practicing being happy on a daily basis.

EVERYBODY can benefit from a positive daily practice.  And YES, there are people who have been diagnosed as being Bipolar and who suffer from depression and anxiety. They may even be on medication to handle their depression. However, I believe that even these people will benefit greatly with a positive daily practice that makes them FEEL GOOD every single morning. Actually, we can ALL benefit from this daily practice.

The first step is (obviously) knowing HOW to practice being happy (it took me a long time to figure this out). That is what the Happiness Habit is; a very specific way to practice being happy that actually works from Day 1. That’s right; it literally starts to work the very FIRST morning you start doing it!

Guess what? My report explaining the Happiness Habit is currently up on Amazon HERE. This Kindle explains the Happiness Habit (and several supplementary strategies) in detail.  Here is the great thing about this  Kindle; it has MANY pictures and graphs that will make the reading (and learning) experience easy…and I would even say FUN. Also, it will provide links to articles and VIDEOS that will help you understand the concepts explained at an even deeper level (there are NO Affiliate links anywhere; this is all FREE). And best of all, I explain my simple and super effective Happiness Habit in detail; step by step. Several pictures are provided so if you are a VISUAL learner you will understand the steps quickly.


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